Future Building Improvements

Building on last year's momentum, the work continues on some major projects around the camp.

This past year, we were able to undertake some fairly ambitious projects. Some big, some bigger, some started, and some finished – but all of them carried out with the help of many generous individuals who gave of their time and resources to assist us. Some of the larger tasks included the following.

  • New dock along with recreation elements
  • Rec Hall interior renovation – insulation, new windows, new lighting, wood siding
  • New roof and vinyl siding for Ashbrook Hall

Now, heading into the new year, we are looking forward to the continuation of some of these projects as we seek to enhance the overall ministry of Peniel Bible Camp by improving its facilities.

  • Ashbrook Hall – There are two aspects to the further work on this building.
    • Covered entrance – We will be extending a covered entrance on the front of the building while including a renovation of the lobby with a raised ceiling to match.
    • Storage area – On the back side of the building, we will be adding an area to serve two purposes: storage for tables and chairs and eventually a wood-burning furnace for more effective heat in the winter.
  • Rec Hall – The completed interior renovation was only the first phase of the proposed work.
    • We would like to replace the floor with a durable (and insulated) product.
    • The rest of the building now needs new windows along with vinyl siding.

Pray with us that God would supply the needed materials, financing, and labor to complete these planned projects and look to the next as we seek to honor the Lord by being faithful stewards of this ministry.