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Family Time

Ashlyn and Brenna made a surprise visit home for Carson's senior night, and we spent an enjoyable, albeit short, time together Thursday through Sunday. The girls continue to thrive at BJU - both in their classes and in their roles as RAs in the freshman dorm - and Carson keeps doing well academically and athletically despite the challenges that COVID continues to provide. Through all of this, Kim continues to support the family by working to assist her clients and grow her health coaching business.

Ministry Adjustment

We all have had to learn how to adjust given the past several months, and our camp calendar was no different. We were able to operate a full family camp, but we had to cancel all of our youth camps. In their place, we hosted a couple youth days at camp - Junior Blast and Teen Blitz - which were received very well. In addition, the rental camps that had to cancel in June were able to reschedule for later in the summer. Other than our Men's Weekend, our fall retreats went ahead as planned as well. We are thankful for any ministry that God allows.

Project Progress

The next phase of work on the Rec Hall was scheduled for spring of this year, and we are grateful that there was a chance to complete the planned tasks later in the summer. A crew from Community Baptist (SC) and others from around Ohio labored to install the rest of the new windows, build a new deck, and outfit the exterior with new soffit/fascia and vinyl siding. Along with some other smaller improvements inside and out, what an incredible upgrade! We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue with new roofing and flooring soon.

Looking Ahead

  • Ashlyn and Brenna finish their semester at Thanksgiving, and Carson now transitions to basketball season.
  • There are still plenty of projects to attend to around camp, and we hope to start work on the Ashbrook Hall entrance and storage building soon.
  • Planning has begun for next year's camping season: stay tuned for updates and announcements.
  • We look forward to hosting church groups and families this fall and winter as we seek to take advantage of appropriate ministry opportunities.

Back together again at Carson's soccer senior night