March Update from the VanderSchels

VanderSchel Newsletter March 2016 Psalm 119:68– God is good and does good. We are so thankful for this truth and see it manifested all around us in our family and in the camping ministry. As the long dreary winter months … Continue reading

VanderSchel Newsletter March 2016


Psalm 119:68– God is good and does good.

We are so thankful for this truth and see it manifested all around us in our family and in the camping ministry. As the long dreary winter months begin to fade, we look forward to the arrival of spring here at Peniel. Here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to so far this new year:

JanuaryKim and Izaac hosted a New Year’s activity for their CORE group. The kids headed back to school to begin their second semester– the girls in 10th and Carson in 7th. Ashlyn and Brenna turned 16 and celebrated with a coffee-themed party. Carson participated on his middle school basketball team. Izaac reffed OHSAA basketball. Kim and Izaac attended the OBF conference at Westerville Bible Church. Ashlyn, Brenna, and Carson attended a winter retreat here at Peniel with their TAC youth group.

FebruaryIzaac attended the AACS LEAD Conference in Atlanta. Basketball continued for Izaac and Carson. We hosted a missionary here at camp for several weeks. Izaac spoke in chapels for Northside and Licking County. We presented ministry updates to two supporting churches– Greencastle and Maranatha (Zanesville). Izaac attended Tweakage in Wyoming and presented a workshop. Ashlyn and Brenna got their driving permits.

Work Week– Mar.14-18

If you’re able to join us for part or all of the week, we’d love to have your help. Meals and lodging will be provided free of charge. There are projects available for all skill levels— painting, carpentry, flooring, cleaning, brush clearing.

Men and Boys Retreat– Apr. 29-30

Our first weekend retreat of the new camping season is open to all men, boys, fathers, sons, youth group leaders, teen boys, etc. Pitch a tent or bunk in a cabin, enjoy hearty meals, participate in camp activities, and be encouraged by the preaching of God’s word. Bruce McCallister (BJU) will be speaking.

Mission Control 2016

We’re blasting off this summer with a space theme for our four weeks of youth camps. Check out our website for the dates, costs, and speakers that we have lined up for these weeks. Izaac, the Launch Director, is busy planning space-related activities, games, decorations, and costumes. This summer, our family leaves the junior camp stage behind as Carson attends Teen 1 and the girls attend Teen 2. Ashlyn and Brenna also qualify this year to be official staff members in some capacity. They’re looking forward to this opportunity. Kim will once again manage the store, snack shop, and craft program.

Young Adult Retreat– May 20-21

The college-age folks in our churches are greatly loved by Kim and Izaac, who have the opportunity to work with that age group at Westerville Bible Church on a weekly basis. WBC is hosting its third young adult retreat at Camp Peniel this spring. It’s a great opportunity for students away at college or those that work or attend school at home to be able to get together and fellowship, make new friendships, and study God’s Word. Brian Trainer (Dean of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary) will be the speaker. Make your plans to attend, or spread the word about the retreat to those in your church that may benefit from it.

Missions Trip– Chile

Ashlyn and Brenna have the opportunity to be a part of a missions team heading to Chile this summer from WBC. They are excited to be able to see how God will provide the funds necessary and use this experience in their lives to impact their hearts concerning missions.

Upcoming Events:

  • Mar. 6– Maranatha (Hayesville)
  • Mar. 13– Grace Bible/Bethany Baptist
  • Mar. 14-18– Work Week
  • Apr. 8-9– OBF Conference
  • Apr. 16– Camp Clean-up
  • Apr. 17– Fayette Bible
  • Apr. 23– Camp Clean-up
  • Apr. 29-30– Men/Boys Retreat
  • May 13-14– Craft Retreat
  • May 20-21– Young Adult Retreat
  • May 29– Morrow Bible
  • May 30– Memorial Day Celebration

If you would like to schedule a camp presentation in your church or school, or if you have questions about any of the events mentioned above, please contact us at:

3260 St Rt. 314 Fredericktown, OH 43019 —- A ministry of the OHIO BIBLE MISSION