Some necessary items

The items listed below are vital to our camp operation and are in immediate need of replacement. Please consider helping us by donating finances or resources to meet these needs.

Camp truck

Our current camp truck is in a state of disrepair, both mechanically and physically; and since this truck does visually represent the ministry, we would like one that is in good condition with minimal rust. Below are some other desired specifications.

  • 1/2 ton or bigger
  • V8 engine
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Full-size bed

Merchandising freezer

The snack shop freezer has lasted for quite some time and has already been repaired before. After consultation with an HVAC technician, we have determined the current state requires replacement. Below is further pertinent information.

  • Glass-door, vertical model
  • 23 cu.ft. or similar
  • Projected cost - $1500-2000


One of the most popular activities on our waterfront is the use of our paddleboats. Our current paddleboats have served us well for quite a long time, but the need for constant maintenance and repair on a couple of them has now risen to the need of replacement. We would like to purchase two high-quality replacements before the next camping season arrives. 

  • 2 commercial-grade paddleboats @ $2500 each
  • Target date - Spring 2021
  • Total cost - $5000

Some helpful items

The items listed below will be very helpful to some of the projects that we are currently planning, and we anticipate using them very soon. Please consider helping us by donating finances or resources to meet these needs.

Windows - Rec Hall

Heading into the next phase of renovation, the windows in the Snack Shop and Store now need replaced. Would you consider donating a window?

Need - 8 windows / Cost - $150 each